Michigan’s Professional LED Solution Provider

Experts in Energy Cost Reduction and Facility Improvements
Thermo Source is an independent energy cost reduction company focused on helping clients with turnkey LED lighting solutions. We handle the entire process of complex lighting applications from design and engineering through procurement, installation, financing, incentive and warranty management.

Saving Our Clients Millions


Total Cost Savings

144,803,194 kWh

Total Electricity Savings

719,490 MCF

Total Gas Savings

LED Solutions

Thermo Source prides itself on providing the most beneficial LED solutions for each specific application.

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0% Financing

Thermo Source can offer 0% interest for 3 years. Our streamlined financing partners make the process painless.

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What We Do

We are a one-stop solution for all your LED lighting needs.  Our Team of lighting experts will identify, design and install the ideal light package for your specific application.  Our goal is to provide a seamless transition to LED lighting, while maximizing the energy savings and incentives available.
  1. LED Consultation, Design & Management

    LED Lighting technology is not only the most efficient form of lighting available today, but provides a minimum of 50% savings and is financially viable in nearly every application. Learn more.

  2. LED Products

    Thermo Source offers a wide-range of DLC and Energy Star rated LED products.  As a vendor neutral supplier, Thermo Source is able to provide the best LED products for each client. View products.

  3. Turnkey Process

    Thermo Source handles every aspect of the implementation allowing our Customers to focus on their core business. Learn more.

  4. 0% Financing

    Thermo Source’s financing partners make the process painless! Financing energy conservation projects makes so much sense, especially when it is INTEREST FREE. Learn more.

  5. Energy Audits

    For those Customers interested in improving efficiency across all aspects of the facility, Thermo Source recommends completing a detailed energy audit, which will identify opportunities in lighting, heating and cooling, domestic hot water, building envelope, motors, water, renewable energy and many others.  Contact us more information.

  6. Geothermal

    Geothermal technology is the most cost effective, energy efficient and renewable alternative to today’s traditional oil, gas and propane heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Learn more.

  7. Renewable Energy

    Thermo Source will help design and implement small-scale solar PV and wind turbine systems. Learn more.

  8. Building Upgrades

    Building renovations and facility upgrades are a common addition to our energy conservation programs.  Contact us for more information.

The Thermo Source Difference

Considering an electrician or even your in-house maintenance team for your LED solutions? There are considerable differences Thermo Source offers for LED upgrades and solutions.

  • We simplify the LED upgrade process by offering a one-stop shop solution
  • We identify cost savings opportunities, design and implement a custom LED solution
  • We are experts in all local utility rebate programs
  • We have exclusive access to 0% Interest financing
  • We purchase direct from manufacturers, eliminating costly mark-ups
  • We stay educated with national and global industry trends
  • We offer the highest quality, DLC and Energy-Star rated products
  • We complete installations in a matter of days and without interruption to your operations
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