Our Easy 5 Step Turnkey Process

We believe improving your energy efficiency should be an easy process. Thermo Source’s turnkey solutions provides a start-to-finish process allowing you to focus on your core business.
STEP 1 - Site Visit

Thermo Source’s audit team will visit your site to collect all the information needed to develop an energy savings proposal. We perform the following at our site visit:

  • Count every light fixture and determine existing wattage
  • Understand hours of operation
  • Discuss customer light level desires
  • Request the last months electric bill to determine cost of energy
  • Discuss customer’s budget, payback requirements and interest in financing

STEP 2 - Our Proposal

Following our site visit, Thermo Source inputs the gathered data into our custom software programs and develops a detailed proposal that outlines specifically what we will replace, the options to replace it with, the specifications of each option, the total cost of each option, the annual utility/maintenance/escalation savings of each option, the utility/state/federal incentives available for each option and the Return on Investment.

STEP 3 - Financing & Rebates

Many customers prefer to finance energy conservation projects because these programs can be structured in a fashion where the monthly energy and maintenance savings are greater than the monthly financing payment, which means positive cash flow is generated each month and no up-front investment is required. For those customers interested in financing, Thermo Source will develop a simple cash flow which details the benefits (annual utility savings, maintenance savings, local/state/federal incentives), costs (finance payments) and cash flow generated over a 5 to 25 year period (depending on project). Upon acceptance of that cash flow, Thermo Source will work together with you to secure loans for the projects. For our Michigan-based clients, Thermo Source offers a 0% Interest financing through Michigan Saves.

In addition, Thermo Source will submit all rebate applications on behalf of the client. Thermo Source has completed thousands of applications and knows the best practices required to secure the largest rebate possible for our clients.

Click here to learn more about Financing!

STEP 4 - Installation

Let the transformation begin! Thermo Source’s implementation team will install the requested system. With over 12 years of experience, Thermo Source has mastered the implementation process without disruption to our customers operations. As needed, Thermo Source will gladly work on weekends or overnight. Thermo Source will ensure that our electricians will conduct themselves in a professional manner, keep noise to a minimum, meet all Code requirements, clean up after themselves and keep as many lights on safely possible.

STEP 5 - On-going Support

Thermo Source provides a standard 1-year labor warranty for all of our projects. In addition, we provide a direct pass-through for all manufacturer material warranties. Almost all of our LED suppliers provide a 5-year warranty, which means you will have no material costs for the next 5 years! Thermo Source does offer a few product lines that extend warranties up to 10 years!  Thermo Source performs a tremendous amount of due diligence on the products we provide for our customers and one of our top priorities it quality and longevity. Our Team prides ourselves on installing equipment that lasts, because neither Thermo Source or the customer want to spend time repairing or replacing equipment when it is not necessary. In the extremely rare circumstance that a product does fail, Thermo Source responds promptly to get everything back in working order.

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